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Caverta is a Generic drug used to cure erectile dysfunction. This drug is the Generic formulation of a brand name drug called Viagra. It is a registered trademark of Ranbaxy Pharmacy and is also sold by name of generic Viagra and generic Levitra. This drug is considered to be the best oral formulation to aid men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Although there are several other drugs also available in the market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but, Caverta is known to be more powerful and effective in comparison to other ED-pill available in the market.


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General Infomartion

The main active chemical composition used in this drug is Sildenafil Citrate which makes the most powerful and strong medication to get rid of erectile troubles. Caverta tablet is made available in various doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg which can be consumed along with a glass of water. This tablets works similar to Viagra and expand the arteries by relaxing them which regularize the blood supply. The working of Caverta helps in increasing the incoming blood flow and minimizes the outward blood flow, which helps men to keep longer erection. Regular blood supply leads to proper erection. Men who are seeking for affordable solution for their sexual inability can order Caverta from online pharmacies.

The prescribed dose of this drug may vary from person to person depending upon the person age, past and current medical history, physical fitness, etc. The initial recommended dose of Caverta is 50mg which is a moderate dose and depending on its effect your doctor may increase or decrease the dose for you if required.

Caverta pill is to be taken orally with a glass of water. Swallow the tablet as a whole do not break, crush or chew the tablet take it as a whole and allow it to dissolve and absorbed by the blood. For better result, take this drug minimum 1 hour to 45 minutes before you wish to indulge in the sexual act. Caverta medication should be taken as a single dose once in a day.. This can be taken both with and without food, avoid taking this drug immediately after a meal and a fat-free meal. Caverta works only when a man is sexually aroused. Take it minimum 1 hour prior to the sexual act so that it gets absorbed by the blood and begin to show its effect in 20-30 minute the moment you are sexually stimulated by your partner.

This medicine is a very user friendly drug and the main compound in Caverta is slidenafil citrate that hardly causes any fatal side-effects. There are some of the commonly noticed side-effects of this medication that are temporary and will not cause any serious harm to your health. They are; visual change (blurred vision or increases sensitivity to light), headache/ body ache, prolonged erection (for almost 4-5 hours), facial flushing, upset stomach or diarrhea, dizziness, trouble in hearing, etc. Consult your doctor before taking Caverta. Caverta is the generic version of Viagra.

Its other allergic reactions include redness of the skin, breathing difficulties, unexplained rashes, swelling (hand, face, and legs), etc.

This drug may also cause some serious side-effects that are rare and continue to last in your body for too long. They are irregular heartbeats, difficulty in breathing, severe chest pain, stroke, heart attack, etc. These side-effects are rare and may prove to be fatal in case if they are not treated on time or not given proper medical attention.

Through our site we sell caverta medication for the treatment of male impotence.

Caverta drug is meant only for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or male impotence and should not be consumed by women or children as it may should certain fatal side-effect on their health.

This drug is not meant to be taken along with alcohol or after heavy or fatty foodstuff since it slower the effect of this medicine and thus delays the treatment. It is also advisable for you to quit smoking while you are on the oral medication treatment for impotence.

Avoid taking Sildenafil Citrate based Caverta in case if you are already taking any other nitrate based drug as they may react with one another and show severe health complications. Sildenafil citrate are PDE 5 inhibitor and can react with other nitrates.

Consume this pill as a whole; its effect continues to last in your body for almost 5-6 hours from the time you have taken the pill.