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Generic Xenical is a medicine used for weight loss in fat or obese people. Orlistat is the dynamic constituent of Generic Xenical, which maintain the body weight and keeps one healthy and vigorous. It is well known in treating excessive fatness in adult and adolescent patients. Doctors prescribe this medication for weight loss, you can also buy Generic Xenical online. For fast results you should include it on a daily basis. It shows 100% result and thus, it is the most renowned treatment for obesity.


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General Infomartion

Generic Xenical is a fast acting drug. The action mechanism of the drug comes into effect just after entering the body. It acts against the factors that cause obesity or weight loss. It works on the gastrointestinal tract, as a lipase inhibitor. Generic Xenical blocks the transition of the triglycerides into fatty acids. These fatty acids are further used by the body and cause to be the reason for excessive weight gain. All this conversion process is done by an enzyme pancreatic lipase. Generic Xenical inhibits the activity of this enzyme and controls the conversion of the triglycerides to fatty acids. It also promotes the metabolism rate.

The various strengths of the drug differ from person to person, but the standard dosage of Generic Xenical is 60mg thrice in a day. The dose can be further altered by increasing or decreasing, but these changes should be done with physician’s consent only. Do not dare to make changes on own. Generic Xenical should be taken after every meal. But it is good to take it one hour after having the meal because the drug will put its entire impact on the digestive system. Generic Xenical is an oral prescription and need to be swallowed with water.

Generic Xenical is greatly known for its rare side effects. The happy news is, the side effects Generic Xenical depicts is very mild and do not remain for a long time. In fact, they do not call for any diagnosis also. The common side effects Generic Xenical shows are headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, itching, stomach pain, tremor, rashes, and cold and so on. With the time, as the body becomes habituated to the drug these side effects stop showing appearance completely. No serious side effects are known of Generic Xenical as of now.

The safety chances of the treatment increases zillion times when precautions are followed. Generic Xenical intake should also be followed by precautions. If allergic to basic constituent of Generic Xenical i.e. Orlistat, don’t take this medication. Those suffering from the kidney or pancreatic disorders should consult the doctor first before taking Generic Xenical. If having digestion problem, it is suggested not to take the drug. The drug will make it more difficult to digest the food. Elderly people are strictly advocated to take the drug on doctor’s recommendation only. If your sugar level is not normal do not take Generic Xenical. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are prohibited from using Generic Xenical as in pregnant women in it affects the fetus and in breastfeeding mothers this drug passes through the milk and affects the baby. If taking medications like Cyclosporine, Digoxin, Glyburide, Pravastatin, and Warfarin etc. take Generic Xenical after consultation with the doctor. Children below the age of 12 are not entitled for using Generic Xenical as no tests are performed on them of this medication till now. Never take this drug in more amount than suggested. Overdose causes various health complications.

Generic Xenical has to be stored properly for elongating its life. What need to be done for storing it well? Firstly, give your drug an environment of room temperature. Only room temperature of about 15 to 20 degree Celsius suits Generic Xenical well. Generic Xenical pack of tabs should be kept in a container that is air tight. Also, keep the container in some dark and cool place that is free of dirt and dust. Do not touch the drug simply. Only at the time of taking take it out. Surroundings that are hot, vivid and wet do not suit the drug. Hot temperature melts Generic Xenical tabs, bright or vivid surrounding affects potential of the drug and wet surrounding breaks the tabs. Never keep Generic Xenical near the kitchen and bathroom. Remember the expiry date of the drug in mind and as the date passes discard the drug immediately. Follow the proper dumping procedure of the drug as it should not be simply flushed or thrown away.